Wireless ISP Service

New Service, Simple Plan

Vivid-Hosting now provides Internet connectivity solutions for homes, offices, tradeshows and corporate events, as long as there is a line-of-sight to one of our point-of-presence locations! With our years of telecom experience, we ensure that your data is secure and reliable to ensure a smooth running event.

Our network services could be used for a temporary event or a long-term installation.

We are even able to provide layer-2 connectivity to your datacenter connection over the wireless link, provided that you’re able to get a cross-connect to one of our POP locations!

Depending on availability, our engineers can setup and teardown the equipment at the beginning and end of the event.

This service is only available in select markets within California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee and Alabama.


  • Guaranteed broadband coverage at your location
  • Up to gigabit speeds via line-of-sight microwave links
  • Works with phones, tablets, laptops and other devices
  • Supports video streaming, VoIP and high bandwidth applications
  • Unlimited data with no overages
  • No contracts!
  • 24x7 telephone & internet technical support

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About Us

We were founded in 2005 by Kiet Chau and Tuan Chau and are headquartered in La Jolla, CA.
We love to design and maintain custom server and network integrations tailored to our customers needs

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